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  1. I searched online some years ago to find out anything about Rev. Sampson without success. I did this because he taught me the need to accept people for what they are. I was a choirboy at Killingworth Church in the early 60’s. Shortly after my confirmation, I decided that I had no idea about what religion was all about. I never understood what a god was and since then, I don’t think I have ever had a religious thought in my life. I now describe myself as a radical humanist.

    I have vivid recollections of “Mr Sampson”, as I called him, taking me on walks through the wilds of Northumberland. Sometimes his son came along. I could talk to him in a way that I could never talk to my parents, or indeed any other adult. We rarely spoke about religion and I never got the “hard sell” that other clerics were fond of using at the time. I can’t really remember any details of what we discussed, but talking did me a lot of good.

    The last time I saw “Mr Sampson” was when he visited my family at home. He mentioned that I’d stopped going to St Johns. I answered that I’d been digging the garden. I never missed the Church, but I think I missed him very much.

    The act of spending time with someone, talking, listening and discussing, is the most healing thing that one human can do with another. I may not have learned religion from Jeremy, but I got my first experience of what we humans really need.

    If I should be wrong and there is a Heaven, Jeremy will be there.

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