Theological Educator, Priest, Consultant
SW England; International

Accredited Member, The Association for Pastoral Supervision and Education

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JAMES WOODWARD is an experienced Anglican priest having worked in several contexts since 1985. These include the National Health Service, the voluntary and charitable sectors as well as churches. He is presently Principal of Sarum College with significant experience of theological education and reflective practice. He is committed to well-being and human flourishing in the process of supervision as it deepens reflexivity and enables creativity. James completed the Wesley house, Cambridge diploma in Pastoral supervision in 2022. James is an accredited supervisor committed to his own professional development and practice.  

Professional Liability Insurance: Yes



I found the pastoral supervision sessions provided by James to be exceptionally transformative and impactful. As a highly gifted supervisor, James immediately grasped my colliding worlds of church, higher education and ministry. Each session provided a place of safe exploration, ably guided by some creative supervisory approaches, which led to greater self-discovery and some important breakthroughs. Consequently, I am delighted to commend the work of James Woodward’s pastoral supervision.

The Revd Dr Tim Welch
Coordinator of Ministerial Formation, Tutor in Practical Theology
Bristol Baptist College


I have been working with James since March 2022. At that time, I was undertaking a phased return to pastoral charge and it was largely due to Jemes that I was able to do so successfully. Since then, I have found our sessions invaluable and challenging in equal measure. The worth of pastoral supervision has become clear to me, especially in these times of change in ministry and far from it being an addition to my diary, I believe it essential to my continued well-being. I would highly, and without hesitation, recommend James as a supervisor.

Sarah Simpson

URC Minister South West Synod



I approached James Woodward to help me think through how to approach my sabbatical. He’s helped me refocus my thinking from planning a 3 month project to excitement at what living sabbath for 3 months might unearth and release in me. That reflects the unearthing and releasing that has already happened, and James’ ability to stir a noticing of what God is doing in and around me. Wherever our wide ranging conversations wander, they always circle back with profound impact.

As we’ve talked, I’ve found myself encouraged and supported, robustly challenged and gently provoked, profoundly moved by the depth to which I have been held and tangibly affected by being prayed for. James has created safe space in which I can be honest, share things about which I hold my head high and of which I’m not so proud. It’s space in which whatever’s rattling round my head can be said and explored further or laid to rest with no judgement of foolishness or naivety. It’s space in which I am able to laugh at myself.

I have found James to be an insightful and wise companion on this shaping sabbatical journey.

The Revd Dr Sarah Hayes
Diocese of Birmingham


For a reflection on his work of mentoring, education and supervision – visit the Sarum College website