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  1. A Blessing

    Don’t try so hard
    It comes in a shiver sometimes,
    Sometimes in a winter window pane,
    Wild with the unseeable
    Frozen there in ice:
    The shapes above clouds,
    The score and the libretto of wind,
    The plot of waves.
    Sometimes it falls, a flake at a time,
    Into your life
    While you are asleep.
    Sometimes it comes as a winter blankness,
    Waiting for storm, or ice or thaw,
    Or even wind.
    Then the still air groans,
    And the trees crack,
    The swamp shudders,
    And the woods thrill.
    Sometimes it comes when you least
    Expect it. And sometimesIt doesnt.
    Quiet, still, no voice (even small),
    No whirlwind, no reply; no burning,
    Just a bare winter bush.
    This is God, too.

    The space between stars
    Where noise goes to die,
    The moment in the movement of the soul,
    When it all seems to stop,
    Seized up. This is true,too.
    Ice is, also.
    And dormancy.
    And I don’t mean the stirring
    Of seeds beneath the snow,
    But that place between
    And that moment before.
    And I don’t mean a lighting bolt,
    But what it passes through,
    I don’t mean a dream,
    But dumb sleep.
    “Not a thing”, is something.
    After the end
    And before the beginning
    Is time too.
    Let it alone
    Dont try so hard
    This is God too
    All of you is.


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