8 thoughts on “Inhabiting RS Thomas on his own soil

  1. I’m drawn to the idea of slowing down, the soul asking questions and steadiness of endeavour. I would have loved to have been with you, but I sat at home and read ‘counterpoint’. I even wrote responses to some poems on the page. It was freeing!

  2. Thank you James, for your summation of the festival.
    You have highlighted the depth of theological thinking, expressed through the lyrical beauty of poetry, alongside the uplifting Welsh choral experience that are “poems from the soul”.

  3. Thank you for this. Sadly I’ve not been there this year, but it’s lovely to feel the ‘magic’ of the Lleyn (and RS) through your words. There’s much to ponder here. Thank you again!

  4. Thank you for the lovely review and photographs.
    Just one point – RS’s ‘Kneeling’ (in my Collected Poems 1945 – 1990 p 199) should be justified left, as in the original.
    Centre-ing the poem makes it subtly different and weakens the very definite break in the original between ‘message’ and ‘Prompt’. That white space after ‘message’ and on the next line before ‘Prompt’ enacts the waiting in the visual appearance of the poem on the page . RS usually justified his poems left, and I cannot think off the top of my head of any example where he centred a poem, though he often included some inset lines within a poem.
    (Notice too that the waiting is continued by its being the last word of the poem – RS is such a skilled writer)

  5. This is a very perceptive review.
    For me, the highpoints were Nathan Munday and Daniel Westover, both of them brilliant lectures.

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