One Reply on “Israel(8) Church of the Holy Sepulchre

  1. Greeting to you in the mercy Name of our Lord Jesus
    Thanks you for your Israel church , Alleluia, Shalom! Amen.
    We are living by faith in Jesus to build the Kingdom of God.
    Please pray for my problems in this time.
    1To build the prayer Hall and House because no house and no church.
    2 Depts. are $2700 –
    3 My last two sons are studying inter mediate and Engineering 2nd year Feeses $200 +$800 will be paid.
    4 My 2nd daughter marriage.
    5 Sufficient foods for my family.
    Cell no 9494539574
    Your Brother in His service,
    Bro, Jesus Padam .
    Brava nagger Conley Ponnur 522124, H no 1-4-34, Günter dist,
    AP ,India.

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